You In Mind offers the following services

Your web site will speak volumes about your company, so it is very important to your business to get it right. The site needs to be clean, easy to navigate and informative.


No one knows your business better than you, it’s look, feel and function. You In Mind takes your vision and creates a web site that reflects your unique business.

Domain Name

The domain name is like a postal address for the Internet. It enables people to find your site. Once you have chosen your desired name for your web site (one that reflects your business) You In Mind will then check its availability and register it for you. The domain name is registered under your name so that you have total control over it.

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Web Hosting

For people to access your site it needs to be placed on the Internet, this is done through a web hosting service. You In Mind will take care of that for you, setting up a hosting service so that you will have total ownership and control.

Site Construction

Once the details of your site, including the intentions and layout are sorted the site is constructed. All that is needed is the content that you want to have on your site along with any images, video or audio. If you are stuck for images then use many of the online image stores. Then there is the final adjusting. Depending on the type of site constructed there may also be a small amount of training necessary to make the most of the new site. Keeping it fresh and up to date.

Ongoing work

Once the website is complete You In Mind offers continued support at an hourly rate. You then have the option of making changes yourself, keeping costs down,  knowing that You In Mind is still available to service your site if needed.

We take care of

  • Hosting set up
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Site Layout and Design
  • Implementation
  • Training (if required)

If you need to look good on the internet but don’t want to pay a fortune then you have arrived at the right place.

Each web site is developed to the clients  needs, looks and function. From a very basic static site to a fully dynamic layout catering for the desktop, tablet and smart phones. You In Mind can manage it all, delivery to you a fully functional site that caters to your businesses subtle needs.

Each web site is developed using the latest industry standard Content Management Systems allowing you to easily update your site, keeping it fresh and up to date.

Choosing your look

Click on the button above to take a look at the selection of templates. A template is like a blue print and allows your site to have a consistent look and feel.