$980.00 + GST Basic Package

Great for New or Small Businesses

Basic in name but by no means basic by nature. You will still get all the functional design that all the other packages offer.

The starter package is for those small businesses wanting to establish their presence on the Internet. It will allow you to put a very professional look on the internet, presenting your company in a manner that suits its specific needs, yet at a price that you can afford. It is set up in such a way that you can continue to add to the site yourself with very minimal training. The interface allows you to add pages, blogs, portfolios, image galleries and much more if you choose.

What You In Mind will set up for you is a home page and three pages of your picking. The list below shows some of the more common options that are available. These are simply the individual page names, you can have any page title that you like.

Page Types

About Contact News Portfolio
Image Gallery Video Gallery Services Products
Staff Events Pricing Table Features


The graphics for the web are best if they are your own. If needed You In Mind can take various photos of your business to create the look that you are after. You can have both static images, video and audio placed into your website.
For an additional cost you can also have stock images added to your web site. This cost will depend greatly on the quantity and type of graphic you are after.

Stock Photos, Royalty Free Stock Photography, Photo Search

If your business has a logo that you use then we can easily put that onto your site. As part of the initial consultancy we can determine what graphics you have and how to incorporate your logo into your site, emails and E-newsletters.
What you want to say about your business is very important. This is a direct way to communicate with your customers. You In Mind will assist you in putting the right message out there.
Not only do you need to let your customers know what you offer them, but also the opportunity to contact you. This needs to be done in such a way that you can make it easy for them but at the same time protect you from malicious attacks from the Internet. You can opt for a contact page for your site that allows your customer to easily get all your contact details as well as allowing them to post a message to you in an simple but protected way.
The following list shows the basic features of that you will receive with the hosting company. It will give you more than enough features to suit most small business requirements. If there is a need to increase the specifications this can easily be done at a later stage with a little extra cost to your yearly charges.
Description Capacity
Disk Storage 5GB
Trafic 500GB
Email addresses Unlimited
FTP Access Yes