you In Mind Ltd. offers a wide range of options from simply updating existing sites, replacing existing sites or providing full turn key solutions. For a quote on getting your business on the Internet contact You In Mind Ltd.

Package Deals

Full turn key solutions to your business presence on the Internet.

Content Management System

Each of the three solutions listed below are constructed using a content management system or CMS, This allows you to easily update and change your content to suit your needs. Another advantage of using this is that you can post updates and news onto your web site using (Windows) Windows Essentials Writer, (Lynix) Blogilo, (Apple) Ecto which are programmes that run on your computer. They look and function very much like any word processor, the only difference is that instead of printing it out, it posts it onto your web site. Making adding of new content very simple and painless.

Price and Annual Price

The price listed below is the total cost of the initial setup which includes CMS Template, design, site setup, gallery set up, forms setup, web hosting and domain name registration. This cost covers the first year. Each year after that the cost is listed as the annual cost. The annual cost covers your hosting costs and domain name registration. Price does not include GST.